Monday, July 26, 2010

International Quilt Festival

I have returned from the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach, California. It was such a blast and I met so many inspiring quilters and crafters. The add next to this posting in a class that I took Sunday morning with the author, Karin. She is from the UK and I could have listened to her talk all day! She was a wonderful teacher and I learned many tricks to make things go easier. I can't wait to take another class with her.
My own Sew Simple Logs! When I am done, the green will look like a star. Thanks for helping Karin!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


 At the end of last year, a dear friend Jo, showed me how to make lumpia. It is a Filipino spring roll and it is my favorite. I have had several different types of lumpia over the years, but hers was the best. She learned from her mother, Grandma Eala how to make them. Here is what you will need.

1. "Menlo" egg roll wrappers, thawed
2. 2 bags of shredded cabbage
3. 1 bag of shredded carrots
4. 3 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
5. Salt and pepper to taste
6. oil
7. one egg white, beaten

Optional (add one or all):
1. finely chopped snow peas
2. 1 pound of ground pork or chicken
3. cooked baby shrimp, chopped
4. 1/2 package of pancit noodles (clear)
5. 1 bunch of green onions, finely sliced

I like to use everything I have listed. With that said, here we go!

Cook the pork in a large pot. Add salt and pepper to your liking. Add the cabbage, carrots, onions, snow peas, noodles, and shrimp. When the carrots are soft, transfer mixture onto a large cookie sheet. Leave at an angle so that the liquid will drain away. When mixture has cooled enough that it is comfortable to handle with your fingers, you are ready to roll.
Have the egg white in a small bowl and set up your area the way you would like it. Usually, I have the mixture to my left, the wrappers and egg white in front of me as well as a plate to roll on, and to my right I have a container to place the wrapped lumpia in. You will need two damp paper towels to leave over the wrappers and the lumpia so they don't dry out.
Follow the directions on how to fold that are found on the back of the wrappers. Try to wrap as tightly as possible. I usually only put about 2 tablespoons of the mixture on each wrapper. Use a dab of egg white to keep each wrapper closed.
When done wrapping, you make freeze or start to fry. I like to add about 4 inches of oil into a pot. you can also use a deep fryer. Heat the oil to 350ºF. Drop the lumpia, one at a time into the oil. When lumpia is golden brown, remove and place on paper towels.
Serve with sweet chili sauce (found in the Asian section of the grocery store). Enjoy!

Hi. Sorry I haven't posted in so long. I'm getting used to all of this! I have been busy sewing though. I created my fisrt bag without a pattern or directions a few weeks ago. The lady that ordered it showed me a picture of what she liked and told me what she wanted that was different and I did it! It came out just the way she wanted it.
I am waiting for a fabric order to come in and I will begin a diaper bag for an old friend, Tammie. She is having a baby boy in a few months and couldn't find anything she liked. I am hoping that I will have that done by July 31st. The day of her baby shower.
Here is my bag that I made to take to the International Quilt Show. This is also the design that I am making for Tammie's diaper bag.I made this purse in record time. A lady was visiting a friend and saw a purse I made for her. She wanted one of her own. She was going home to Tennessee in a few days though. She bought the fabric she wanted and I had it ready for her the day she was leaving! I have a handmade purse in Tennessee!                               This purse I made for my mom's neighbor, Donna. This is the purse that the lady from Tennessee saw and just had to have.This is the flower I made for my quilting bag.

My mom and I are going to the International Quilt Show in Long Beach this week as well. We'll be gone for four days. We're taking several classes to learn new skills. We are so excited!